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New Bible Dictionary

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Nave's Topical Bible

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Unger's Bible Dictionary

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The works which follow are listed by author in alphabetical order. By clicking on a particular title, you will be transported to the appropriate catalog page wherein will be presented the current price, availability, and complete online ordering information.


12,000 Religious Quotations, edited and compiled by Frank S. Mead

Reprinted 1989 by Baker Books, Paperback, 534 pages, Copyright © 1965 Judy D. Mead

"An indispensible reference work that puts expressive statements on religion at your fingertips."

"Nearly 12,000 quotes on 200 subjects from 2,500 different sources."

"Accurately indexed by topic and author."

--(Back Cover)--

Comments: A useful resource in that Mr. Mead has formulated an impressive anthology dedicated exclusively to the subject of religion. While not all quotations are Christian in either content or source, there yet exists a substantial storehouse of relevant, thought-provoking, inspirational Christian gems which will move the mind to reason, the heart to prayer, the soul to seek God, the hands to search Scripture, and the eyes heavenward in search of He who will return in glory.

Of particular delight are those individual Christian insights long held of great value by the faithful, yet, unfortunately, derived from works no longer in print, and, therefore, unavailable to all but a select few. It is sad that so much of inestimable worth is lost to us for no other reasons than neglect and apathy. We have, indeed, forfeited much of God, because we have cared so little for God. --(Dr. David J. Thomas)--


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New Bible Dictionary, edited by I. Howard Marshall, A. R. Millard, J. I. Packer, D. J. Wiseman

Third Edition, revised and updated, published 1996 by Intervarsity Press, USA. Hardcover. 1298 pages. Copyright © 1996 Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship.

". . . a reference work ideally suited for people of all ages and backgrounds. This magnificent and comprehensive Bible dictionary has set the standard for evangelical Bible dictionaries for five decades. Now in its third, updated edition, it is the clear leader in its field.

The third edition is an important step forward in bringing this classical work up to date with the latest developments in biblical studies, ancient Near Eastern studies and archaeological finds. One hundred of the most important articles have been revised and rewritten. All of the bibliographies have been revised, taking into account the vast increase in publications since the second edition.

The third edition of the New Bible Dictionary will increase the reader's knowledge and understanding of God's Word as no other single book can do. It is an invaluable reference book for schools and colleges, for theological and Bible college students, ministers and laypeople, teachers and professional scholars—everyone who wants to understand and know the Bible better."

--(Back Cover)--


* A classic A-to-Z reference work of Bible terms by an international team of over 150 scholars, now in its third, updated edition.

* Over 2,000 entries on the Bible's books, people, places, key words, and major doctrines

* Essential background information on the history, geography and customs of Israel and its Middle Eastern neighbors

* Up-to-date information on recent advances in the fields of biblical studies and archaeology

* A text highlighted with maps, family trees, line drawings, diagrams, charts, and illustrations

* An index with 10,000 entries gives easy access to the massive amounts of information in this book

* A distinguished team of editors: I. Howard Marshall, A. R. Millard, J. I. Packer, D. J. Wiseman

Comments: Is it at all possible, in this life, to obtain a complete, or even adequate knowledge and understanding of the Holy Bible—God's Word? One that satisfies our ever-increasing desire and longing to better know our Lord and Savior? While it is unequivocally true that the Bible does contain the inerrant Word of God, and presents it in such a manner as to make plain that which is required for salvation; that which is necessary to obey and, thereby, please God; it is also true that the books of the Bible were written over a period of several thousand years, by numerous authors, in various languages, for, by, and to peoples who were familiar, not only with the linguistics, nuances, expressions, styles, phrases, usage, and syntax employed at the time of origin, but also the cultural and social idioms peculiar to their place and time in history. Each name assigned a person, place, or thing not only served to identify, but also to provide a brief description; an enlightenment. The plants, animals, customs, rituals, articles of clothing, etc. needed no explanation to the peoples who were doubtless intimate with each.

Unfortunately, we are of a different culture, a different time, and a different place. We are no longer an agrarian society. We are not well-versed in the regional geography, climate, history, languages, monetary system, political infrastructure, fashions, farming techniques, botany, wildlife, animal husbandry, or those countless idiosyncrasies that constitute an established society. As a result, our reaping of the harvest sown throughout the pages of the Holy Bible will, of necessity, leave much for the gleaners. It is not that we will be deprived of the essential truths, but that much will be lost along the periphery; much that would add greatly to our knowledge and enjoyment, and yield a better understanding of the people with whom our Lord conversed, ministered, taught, healed, wept, and died.

The New Bible Dictionary endeavors to cast light into these darkened rooms by sharing with the reader a better understanding of those nations comprising the Middle East. Bringing to bear the very latest archaeological findings and biblical scholarship, this volume is a virtual encyclopedia of biblical terminology, insights, doctrine, and scholarship. Yet, it employs a clear and concise approach that lays open to all the cobweb-covered doors with hinges long-rusted by centuries of silence. The way has been made clear; the doors long-closed—now ajar; the welcome mat beckons. Will you enter in? --(Dr. David J. Thomas)--


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The New Nave's Topical Bible, by Orville J. Nave, revised and compiled by Edward Viening

Revised and Updated Edition published 1969 by Zondervan Publishing House. Hardcover. 1114 pages. Copyright © 1969 Zondervan Publishing House.

". . . the usual concordance of the Bible arranges the words of Scripture alphabetically so that the user may find a particular verse by referring to one or several of its principal words. The topical Bible, on the other hand, organizes the verses of Scripture under numerous topics, enabling the student to find the texts which relate to a given topic or theme even though the topic itself may not be among the words found in the text.

The New Nave's Topical Bible is designed to be the most helpful topical Bible ever published. Cross references are provided for ease in finding similar topics, synonyms, and various spellings. Chain references enable the student to follow a given subject through the entire Bible and major texts relating thereto are printed in full. A total of more than 100,000 Scripture texts and references are included under various topics. This book is truly a subject index to the entire Bible.

In addition to arranging the verses of Scripture topically, The New Nave's Topical Bible defines proper names, places, objects, and events, therefore performing the services of a Bible dictionary. The various uses of subjects in Scripture are also included . . . ."

--(The Publishers)--

Use the Nave's Topical Bible to:

* study what the Bible has to say about abortion, salvation, suicide, praise, and more than 6,000 other topics

* find Bible references on more than 20,000 subjects and sub-subjects

* find definitions of all persons, places, objects, and events in the Bible

* find information about archaeological discoveries

* develop sermon outlines

* prepare Sunday school lessons

* enhance devotional reading

Comments: It is not at all remarkable that we devote substantial personal resources toward the objective of becoming increasingly adept at and proficient in our chosen professions. It is not even remarkable that we, quite possibly, invest, yet more time, energy, and money in the pursuit of our favorite recreations. That which is, indeed, remarkable is that we dedicate so little time, thought, care, desire, and passion to our relationship with God; that we evince so very little concern for our immortal soul; that we yield such a minute amount of ourselves to one another in kind, caring, concern and humble service.

The Nave's Topical Bible is a reference tool of inestimable value in that someone so loved the Word of God that he willingly surrendered a not inconsiderable portion of his life in order to facilitate the efforts of those, his fellow men and women, who desired to know more of their God that they might prove obedient to His Word. To perform the painstaking labor of love necessary to, where possible, categorize each and every word of Scriptural text by topic and sub-topic would prove, to the vast majority of us either too tedious for serious consideration, or well beyond our ability to achieve a satisfactory result. In point of sad fact, the greatest number of professing Christians have yet to read the Holy Bible, much less endeavor to understand and apply the lifesaving lessons contained therein. It is, perhaps, this unfortunate reality that makes shine all the brighter the industry, diligence, and perseverance of Messrs. Orville J. Nave and Edward Viening as well as those nameless individuals who may have assisted them.

If you are seeking a resource whereby you may gain a deeper understanding of and insight into the Word of God, you will discover The Nave's Topical Bible to be just such a work. Regardless of the subject or topic under consideration, you will find that this volume will greatly facilitate your efforts in that virtually every Bible verse relating to a specific subject or topic has been localized by category. Whether an erudite theologian or a newcomer to the Word of God, you will judge, as do I, The Nave's Topical Bible to be an indispensable tool and irreplaceable ally in the unending search to better know and correctly understand the Word of God. --(Dr. David J. Thomas)--


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The New Unger's Bible Dictionary, by Merrill F. Unger

Revised and Updated Edition published 1988 by The Moody Press. Hardcover. 1418 pages. Additional and New Material Copyright © 1988 The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.

"Revision of (1966) with new bibliographies and maps. Based on the translation. Entries give pronunciation, often an encyclopedic description and literature citations, cross-references. Has 15 keyed maps in color, a proper concentration of illustrations (black and white and color) and maps interspersed with entries. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or." --(Book Stacks)--

"Because the Bible came into being in a different age, many readers have difficulty understanding its details. A Bible dictionary, defining and clarifying unfamiliar names, places, and objects is an indispensable tool for the Bible student.

Since its introduction in 1957, the Unger's Bible Dictionary has proved its value as an authoritative reference work. Prepared by Merrill F. Unger, Th.D., Ph.D., this volume has been a long-standing favorite among students of the Bible. Today, after years of exhaustive revisions and updates, The New Unger's Bible Dictionary offers up-to-date scholarship. Cross-referencing and bibliographies make this information easily accessible, no matter which Bible translation you choose. And special features including more than 300 photographs, 37 charts and tables, 50 maps, and nearly 200 illustrations will enhance your understanding." --(Book Jacket)--

Comments: An indispensable and invaluable resource not only for the Biblical scholar and student, but also the entire body of Christendom. Aside from the obvious cultural, traditional, sociological, philosophical, and linguistic differences between ourselves and those ancient peoples, several millennia have passed since the books of the Bible were penned. As a result, and as part of the natural progression of mankind, much of what once was has been either lost or transplanted by the evolution of not only humankind, but the language of the peoples themselves. Merrill Unger is to be commended for this comprehensive work which makes plain those things which have long been clouded in obscurity and the sole domain of those conversant not only with the ancient texts, but the archaeological evidences of the cultures and peoples involved. In our estimation, a Christian library is incomplete without The New Unger's Bible Dictionary. --(Dr. David J. Thomas)--


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