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Joshua: A Parable For Today
By Joseph F. Girzone

Till We Have Faces
Till We Have Faces
By C.S. Lewis

Chronicles of Narnia
Chronicles of Narnia
By C.S. Lewis

Baronet's Song
The Baronet's Song
By George MacDonald

The Baron's Apprenticeship
The Baron's Apprenticeship
By George MacDonald

The Musician's Quest
The Musician's Quest
By George MacDonald

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George MacDonald

Scottish preacher, essayist, novelist, and poet, MacDonald was, in my opinion,—as well as the opinion of the many millions who have been blessed by his books—a genius who could glean, grasp, and apply Biblical principles to the practicalities of everyday human existence. By so doing, he was, and is, able to demonstrate that such truths are far more than ideas and ideals, but within the reach of each and every child of God.

The vast majority of his books, of which there are greater than 50, are little more than portals into the lives of common people who either seek or are sought of God. These portrayals are filled with Scriptural verities, all of which lead to a single end—men and women becoming one with God through Jesus Christ in order that they may become that which their Creator intended them to be—His beloved children with whom He is well-pleased. In MacDonald's theology, although it is doubtful whether he would call it so, there is but one means by which any man may worship God and realize or achieve that which is true life—that is to obey God. Regardless of circumstances, outward appearances, personal gain or loss, the principal duty of mankind is to unreservedly and unconditionally love and willingly obey God. Jesus Christ was sent by God to be an example for all humanity. What was the primary mission of Jesus? What duty did He place far above all others? The answer is quite simple, Jesus lived to do His Father's will.

George MacDonald is a master storyteller and a man who dearly and devotedly loved his God—an unbeatable combination. We highly recommend the following works as luminous examples of that which is possible when a man truly loves God above all else. As MacDonald would no doubt say, "There can be no love, no truth, without action."

We wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to Johannesen Printing and Publishing and Andy Johannesen for making many of the works of George MacDonald, long out-of-print and. therefore, difficult to obtain, available to the modern reader. Mr. Johannesen's breathtakingly beautiful, heirloom quality craftsmanship, meticulous attentiveness to the slightest detail, and personal dedication to inerrantly replicating the original manuscripts are to be commended; for he lovingly brings to life that which was long dead; lost like far too many old masterpieces that have fallen out of favor for no other reason than that they are no longer considered novel and/or profitable.

Selected Titles

Alec Forbes Of Howglen | Castle Warlock | David Elginbrod | The Gentlewoman's Choice
The Lady's Confession | Mary Marston | The Peasant Girl's Dream | The Poet's Homecoming
Robert Falconer | Salted With Fire | There And Back | Thomas Wingfold, Curate
What's Mine's Mine

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