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The Affordable Funeral: Going in Style, Not in Debt, by Dr. R. E. Markin

Copyright © 1996 R. E. Markin, Spiralbound, 95 pages.

"Per a recent study, the average funeral costs between $7500 - $8500. Funerals are the third-largest expense most families will face [after homes & automobiles]. Most people will spend more time and care buying a used car costing half as much as a funeral. No one goes into a car dealer and says, "Give me whatever you think I ought to have, just make it nice.", yet this is exactly what many families do at the funeral home. Just knowing what to ask, what to say, and who to call can save your family 50% or more on funeral services, burial plots, or monuments, and as much as 85% on the cost of a casket."

"The book, and the study which gave rise to it, grew out of feedback from an earlier book, The Alzheimer's Cope Book [Citadel Press, NY]. Feedback from readers, many of whom had horror stories of financial mistreatment at the hands of the funeral industry, convinced the A.R.F. that a fact-finding study was in order. The study involved a survey of over 3,000 funeral homes, casket manufacturers, crematories, cemetery associations, monument companies, and perhaps most importantly, over 700 former employees of these businesses.

The results were appalling; families are being gouged with markups of 400-1400% on caskets, unneeded and unwanted {in fact, USELESS!} goods and services, and woefully inflated cemetery plots. Furthermore they are being lied to on a wholesale basis regarding what is lawfully required and the protective nature of caskets and vaults. Death is traumatic enough in emotional terms for this unwarranted financial burden to be added by greedy and unfeeling funeral directors, their salesmen, and cemetery associations. Perhaps the saddest note of all is, although the corporate-owned funeral homes and cemeteries are by far the most consistant jackals, many family-owned businesses follow suit in their pricing . . . just because they can."

"A down-and-dirty consumer's guide to the funeral industry, as well as an arrangement workbook and resource index. The book, the result of a two-year study of over 3,000 funeral homes and their customers by the Alzheimer's Research Foundation, leads the reader through arranging funerals from three aspects; the 'sudden death/no notice' death, the 'anticipated' death, and 'Arranging Your Own Funeral'. Special attention is paid to money-saving options, with the right things to say, ask, or even demand to keep costs down to a reasonable level. Also covered are all the sales ploys, scams and flim-flams that can cost you money. By the author of The Alzheimer's Cope Book (Citadel Press) and former director of the Alzheimer's Research Foundation of Virginia."

"Here is an opportunity to learn things you'd probably as soon not know, but should, things virtually none of your friends know, and things we'll all have to deal with eventually. Don't be surprised if your opinions shift from what you may have thought of funerals to this point, if indeed you've thought of them at all. It is our aim to educate the public so we'll stop being victims when our time comes. "

"The Affordable Funeral has been cited in recent articles in MONEY Magazine, Kiplinger's Magazine, The Retired Officers' Association Magazine, and an upcoming issue of Reader's Digest. It is the only self-help book we know of that offers a 100-to-1 payback guarantee; you'll learn how to save at least $2,000 on a funeral or your money back."

Comments: While not a book that espouses any particular theological viewpoint, The Affordable Funeral is, nevertheless, an invaluable resource which we deem to be a "must read." This substantial and well-presented work is a simple, yet straightforward step-by-step guide that contains worthwhile information which is essential to each individual in respect to the practicalities of funeral planning and preparation, including all aspects of both burial and cremation. Dr. Markin has brought to light much which has long lain in darkness, exposing that soft underbelly of the Funeral industry to public scrutiny. Having read this book from cover-to-cover, we may, without hesitation, bestow upon The Affordable Funeral our highest recommendation.


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