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Selected Titles


The works which follow are listed by author in alphabetical order. By clicking on a particular title, you will be transported to the appropriate catalog page wherein will be presented the current price, availability, and complete online ordering information.


Calvin's Commentaries, by John Calvin

Reprinted 1983 by Baker Book House Company, Hardcover, 22 Volumes, Originally printed for the Calvin Translation Society, Edinburgh, Scotland


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Commentary On Romans, by Martin Luther

Published 1982 by Kregel Publications, Perfectbound, Copyright © 1954 by Zondervan Publishing House as Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, 223 Pages

"Faith is a living, daring confidence in God's grace, so sure and certain that a man would stake his life on it a thousand time. . . . Hence a man is ready and glad, without compulsion, to do good to everyone, to serve everyone, to suffer everything, in love and praise to God, who has shown him this grace; and thus it is impossible to separate works from faith. . . ." --(Martin Luther)--

"This classical commentary is significant not only for its biblical insights but also for its historical perspective. It serves as a valuable introduction to the study of Martin Luther's own spiritual pilgrimage and the roots of the Reformation. The introduction to this commentary was used by the Spirit of God to impress the truth of Christ's salvation upon the heart of John Wesley at the memorable meeting in Aldersgate Street, London, on May 24, 1738.

This practical, easy-to-read and stimulating commentary, complete with explanatory notes and headings by Theodore Mueller, will acquaint the reader with the fundamentals of Luther's evangelical teachings." --(Back Cover)--

". . . Beyond question, Luther's Romans is one of the great books of Christian history and well deserves the devotional reading by believers." --(Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse)--


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Matthew Henry's Commentaries On The Whole Bible, by Matthew Henry

Published by Hendrickson 1991, Hardcover, Six (6) Volume Set.

"Matthew Henry digs down deep below the surface of God's word; he sees truths hidden from most of us. . . . He finds the most practical applications of God's wisdom to our everyday life; and applications, also, from the successes and failures of the men and women who live before us in the pages of the Bible." --(Charles G. Trumbull, Litt.D.)--

"The apostolic Whitefield, whose labors and virtues inspired even the pen of Cowper, was trained, as a Christian and a preacher, by Mr. Henry's Commentary . . . he literally studied it on his knees; read it through four times; and to the close of his life spoke of its author with profound veneration: ever calling him—the great Mr. Henry." --(J.B. Williams)--

"The text of the whole Bible is given with the Commentary. Matthew Henry gives an introduction to each book, as well as a brief summary and outline at the head of each chapter; then follow the Scripture, a few verses at a time, and the notes on the text.

Following a well-known expository principle, Henry states, explains, and applies. In every passage of Scripture he finds lessons for daily living." --(Charles G. Trumbull, Litt.D.)--

"It is a monumental work, and one marvels at the industry and devotion of the author, who produced it, besides forty-five other books and pamphlets, in the midst of many duties as pastor, preacher, and father, during a lifetime of fifty-two years." --(Charles G. Trumbull, Litt.D.)--

"The Commentary is permeated with an atmosphere of deep love for the Word of God. It is full of kindly warning, sound counsel for everyday life, and comfort and good cheer. It is not alone a reference work for Bible students and Christian workers, but is valuable as a household book that may be read aloud at family prayers or during a quiet evening." --(Charles G. Trumbull, Litt.D.)--

Comments: With the single exception of The Holy Bible, Matthew Henry's Commentary On The Whole Bible was the very first Christian volume that I ever purchased. How may I begin to express to you the worth of a work that forever altered my life? How may I put into words the value I attach to the inestimable labors of Mr. Matthew Henry? I cannot. I may, however, without fear of contradiction or pang of conscience, emphatically state that I consider Mr. Henry's labor of love to be among the greatest theological efforts ever brought forth by the hand of man. Each verse of Scripture is made plain contextually as well as practically. Mr. Henry delves, probes, reveals, and makes plain the Word of God until the most inexperienced Christian or novice seeker may gaze heavenward, smile with gratitude, and state, "I understand, Lord." We can do no less that bestow upon this magnum opus our highest recommendation.


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We welcome the opportunity to hear from you. Please feel free to share your experiences, comments, and recommendations. As fellow pilgrims, we are blessed to travel this path together. We may be reached via e-mail at The Book Nook.

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