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The works which follow are listed by author in alphabetical order. By clicking on a particular title, you will be transported to the appropriate catalog page wherein will be presented the current price, availability, and complete online ordering information.


The Christian In Complete Armour, by William Gurnall, M.A.

The Banner Of Truth Trust, 3 Murrayfield Road, Edinburgh EH12 6EL. Approximately 1200 pages. Hardcover. First published in three volumes between 1662 and 1665. Reprinted 1989.

"Gurnall's work is peerless and priceless; every line is full of wisdom; every sentence is suggestive. The whole book has been preached over scores of times, and is, in our judgment, the best thought breeder in all our library."

"This 'Complete Armour' is beyond all others a preacher's book: I should think that more discourses have been suggested by it than by any other uninspired volume. I have often resorted to it when my own fire has been burning low, and I have seldom failed to find a glowing coal upon Gurnall's hearth. John Newton said that if he might read only one book beside the Bible, he would choose 'The Christian in Complete Armour', and Richard Cecil was of much the same opinion. J.C. Ryle has said of it, 'You will often find in a line and a half some great truth, put so concisely, and yet so fully, that you really marvel how so much thought could be got into so few words'. --(C. H. Spurgeon)--

"The subject of the treatise is solemn; A War between the Saint and Satan, and that so bloody a one, that the cruellest which was ever fought by men will be found but sport and child's play to this. It is a spiritual war that you shall read of; and that not a history of what was fought many ages past and is now over, but of what is now doing—the tragedy is at present acting—and that not at the furthest end of the world, but what concerns thee and everyone that reads it. The stage whereon this war is fought is every man's own soul. Here is no neuter in this war. The whole world is engaged in the quarrel, either for God against Satan, or for Satan against God." --(William Gurnall)--

Comments: I have never read any work penned by the hand of man that has had a more profound impact on my life, my thoughts, my actions, my deeds, and my spirituality as William Gurnall's The Christian in Complete Armour. Aside from the fact that he was educated at Cambridge University and pastored a church in Lavenham, England for approximately thirty-five years, we know very little of the man. Yet I cannot but believe, with firm conviction, that Almighty God guided the hand of Gurnall as he poured forth one of the greatest theological treatises of all time. It is beyond the scope of my mental faculties, which include both reason and imagination, to conceive of that man, Christian that he may indeed be, who is capable of reading this monumental work without repeatedly falling to his knees until unable to arise, and begging the mercy and forgiveness of his Lord, his God, his Savior. It is not a volume to be read and laid aside, but an unending source of illumination, conviction, exhortation, and exposition. In order to truly benefit from Gurnall's obvious work of love, one must be ever in prayer and deepest meditation. Be forewarned that The Christian in Complete Armour is, in the truest sense, a journey to the cross of Christ where one is left to discover not only his God, but his entire purpose for being. Once taken, it is a pilgrimage that you will desire to make often; a pilgrimage that will forever alter your life. We, therefore, humbly yield this mighty tome our highest recommendation.


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We welcome the opportunity to hear from you. Please feel free to share your experiences, comments, and recommendations. As fellow pilgrims, we are blessed to travel this path together. We may be reached via e-mail at The Book Nook.

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