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MacArthur Study Bible
MacArthur Study Bible

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Selected Titles


The works which follow are listed by author in alphabetical order. By clicking on a particular title, you will be transported to the appropriate catalog page wherein will be presented the current price, availability, and complete online ordering information.


Contemporary Versions of the Holy Bible

King James Version

New King James Version

New Revised Version

Revised Version

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The Holy Bible (Annotated and Study Editions)

The Dake Annotated Reference Bible (KJV) featuring Black Leather Cover & Large Print

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The MacArthur Study Bible: NKJV, Gold-Edge, Burgundy Bonded Leather

Author and General Editor, John MacArthur

Copyright © 1997, Word Publishing. Various versions available. 2212 pages.

"The MacArthur Study Bible is a treasure of scholarship and insight for the serious student of the Word of God and also for the new believer. I am looking forward to using it in my own personal study." --(Dr. Adrian Rogers, Pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church)--

"It has been at least a decade since I've seen a new Study Bible of this magnitude. All of us who value solid biblical interpretation will be in John MacArthur's debt for years to come." --(Dr. Jospeh Stowell, President of Moody Bible Institute)--

"For thirty years, thirty hours a week, Dr. John MacArthur poured over every page of Scripture. Explored every verse. Dug into every difficult passage.

As he studied, he combined the exegetical skills of a world-class scholar with the wisdom and warmth of an experienced pastor.

The result is more than just another study Bible. It is the work of a lifetime. A true classic that will set standards for decades to come.

In this day of specialized Bibles, The MacArthur Study Bible is a breath of fresh air. Because it doesn't fit into your lifestyle. It transforms your life.

No other study Bible does such a thorough job of explaining the historical context, unfolding the meaning of the text, and placing it within a theological framework.

For in the end, nothing has more power to change your life than a clear and accurate understanding of God's Word.

Featuring the word-for-word accuracy of the New King James Version, The MacArthur Study Bible is perfect for serious study. Right there on the page beside the NKJV text are helpful charts, maps, outlines and articles. Along with thousands of study notes personally written by Dr. MacArthur and informed by the research of scholars at the Master's Seminary (where Dr. MacArthur is president).

So while some popular study Bibles present multiple viewpoints, MacArthur's notes always point you towards a single destination: God's unchanging truth.

And unlike past "classics" burdened by outdated theological systems, The MacArthur Study Bible strives to let the systems go and allow the Word of God to speak. So day after day, year after year, you can always count on hearing something new.

After all, that is precisely what you should expect from the work of a lifetime—a lifetime of discovery in God's Word." --(Book Jacket, Inside Cover)--

"When I want to read careful research on a tough question, I turn to the works of John MacArthur. Experience with his work has convinced me: John MacArthur is a reliable voice and a diligent student of Scripture." --(Max Lucado, Senior Minister of Oak Hills Church of Christ)--


* New King James Version Text * 20,000 Study Notes * Introduction to the Bible * Thorough Book Introductions and Outlines * 12-Page Outline of Systematic Theology * 200-Page Topical Index * Archaeology and the Bible * Names of God * Table of Weights and Measures * The Tabernacle/Temple Floor Plan * Messianic Prophecies in OT Chart * Diagrams of Jerusalem * Miracles of Jesus Chart * Parables of Jesus Chart * Timeline of OT Patriarchs/Judges * Timeline of OT Kings/Prophets * Timeline of Babylonian Captivity * Timeline of Between the Testaments * Timeline of OT Chronology * Timeline of NT Chronology * Harmony of the Gospels * Harmony of Samuel, Kings, Chronicles * Jewish Calendar * Jewish Feasts * Over 20 Bible Maps

Hardcover Edition

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Thompson Chain-Reference Bible New American Standard Edition

Copyright © 1993 B. B. Kirkbride Bible Company, Inc., Hardcover, 2236 pages.

"Brings out the spiritual meaning of deep truths in Bible passages—and concentrates the light of God's word on them."

--(Front Cover)--

"The personal choice of pastors, teachers, and seminary students for more than 5 generations . . . because it is the single best help to personal Bible study and application available.

While other study Bibles provide interesting information, only the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible offers a lifetime of Bible insight into the carefully interwoven themes and interrelationships of biblical truths. The Bible is the best commentary on itself — and the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible is the tool that allows the Bible student to clearly see self-illumination of God's Word.

The illumination of God's Word made possible by the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible has been the source of thousand of sermons and lessons throughout the decades . . . and now this treasure of Bible understanding is available to you for your own personal spiritual growth. " --(Back Cover)--

"Incorporates 78 features in 8 complete and thoroughly integrated departments of study: Index of Chain Topics • Special Bible Readings • Complete Outline Studies of the Bible • Studies of Prominent Bible Characters • Bible Harmonies and Illustrated Journey Maps • Updated Archaeological Supplement • Revised Concordance • Full-color Bible Atlas with Complete Index"

"Dr. Thompson's lifetime of personal study, extensive research, and unique marginal reference system will reveal exciting new truths of God's Word you have simply never seen before — no matter how thorough your Bible study has been." --(Back Cover)--

"The New American Standard Bible text is acclaimed by many contemporary Bible scholars as the best translation for serious word study of the Bible by today's Bible readers." --(Back Cover)--

Thompson Chain-Reference King James Versions:

| Hardcover/Brown | Large Print/Deluxe Burgundy |

| Large Print/Red Letter/Brown/Hardcover |

| Large Print/Deluxe Burgundy Leather |

| Large Print/Red Letter/Deluxe Burgundy Leather | Leather/Indexed |

Comments: In either the King James or New American Standard version, the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible is an excellent study tool composed of a wide variety of references and cross-references constructed in such a manner as to facilitate and enhance the experience of those who seek a deeper and richer understanding of God's Word. As Christians, it is our duty to ever search the Scriptures in order that we may know and fully understand His truths. It is reported that Dr. Thompson and his wife spent 40 years developing this exceptional work. I can but state that their efforts have borne fruit in the realization of a virtual Biblical library housed in a single volume. "Linked together by the unique Thompson numerical reference system are 7,000 names, places, and topics in more than 100,000 references—each carefully analyzed and classified by subject, topic, or theme."

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