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Sarah, a Collectible Memories Genuine Porcelain Doll

Sarah, a Collectible Memories Genuine Porcelain Doll

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Sarah, a Collectible Memories
Genuine Porcelain Doll

Being neither plain nor tall, it is unlikely that Sarah will ever be the subject of a Hallmark movie starring Glen Close and Christopher Walken. She remains, however, a highly prized and much sought after member of the illustrious Collectible Memories family of Limited Collector's Edition Porcelain* Dolls. Exquisitely designed, elegantly handcrafted of fine Bisque Porcelain, and meticulously hand-painted, Sarah is stylishly attired in hand-tailored fabrics, trimmings, and accessories.

Shy, retiring, and, perchance, a wee bit reclusive, Sarah has, since the moment of her creation, departed the sanctuary of her cloister (the original display container in which she was securely ensconced by her creator, and in which is to be discovered her Certificate of Authenticity) but once, and then, with the greatest reluctance, simply for those scant seconds necessary to pose for the portraits contained within these pages.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Handcrafted Face, Arms, and Legs of Fine Bisque Porcelain
  • Hand-Tailored Fabric, Trimmings and Accessories
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Display Stand Included


While some may find her shaded a bit too much toward the quiet side, Sarah is, on the other hand, the consummate companion for those seeking the perfect listener. She has yet to put forth a single demand, complaint, or voice opposition to my convictions—however controversial, ill-conceived and/or poorly articulated. Avoiding political polemics and diatribes, refusing to be enticed into contentious, pointless debate, and possessed of impeccable manners and flawless decorum, Sarah's world is one where peace and serenity reign supreme—a world utterly devoid of racial, religious and cultural strife; a world where finds no welcome greed, lust, envy, and jealousy; a world of mutual respect, self-control, individual rights and responsibilities—both personal and public; a world where honesty, integrity, and character are of far greater worth than ego and self-esteem. While aware of the evil that men do, she will not endeavor to discuss logically that which she perceives to be wholly illogical. Alas, Sarah's world is not yet my own.


While I may well be tempted to classify Sarah, the Little Princess as "New," I cannot, in good conscience, so do. For you see, I possess precious little information as regards her date of birth. From all appearances, she does, indeed, appear "New" and she may well be so, yet it is quite possible that she whom I perceive as recently created is so as a result of the tender care and attentiveness of her previous guardian. As a result of her immaculate condition in combination with my ignorance as to her date of creation, I must classify Sarah, a Collectible Memories Genuine Porcelain Doll as "Like New."


Inasmuch as Sarah contains and is accessorized with rather small items (commensurate with her petite stature), she should not be considered a toy. Resultantly, she should not be presented to anyone who may have the proclivity to place in his or her mouth items which may prove a choking hazard. The manufacturer recommends that Sarah be placed in the care of no one younger than eight years of age.


*In the event that you are possessed of an inquisitive nature, it will undoubtedly interest you to note that the invention of porcelain, a type of ceramics highly valued for its beauty and strength, is credited to the Chinese of the Tang dynasty.

Porcelain, unlike earthenware and stoneware, is fundamentally a mixture of two key ingredients—kaolin and petuntse. Kaolin, a pure white clay that forms when the mineral feldspar breaks down, is mixed with petuntse, a type of feldspar found only in China. The resultant mixture is fired at temperatures of 2280° F. to 2640° F. At these extreme temperatures, the petuntse vitrifies—that is, it liquifies and forms a nonferrous, natural glass. The kaolin, which is highly resistant to heat, does not melt at the aforenoted temperatures and, therefore, permits the item to retain its shape. The process is complete when the petuntse fuses to the kaolin.

Collectors regard Chinese porcelain as the world's finest. Porcelain bowls and vases produced during the Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty are highly prized as artistic treasures.

**We sincerely regret that as a result of the refractive nature of Sarah's ball gown in combination with ambient light, camera flash, and a photographer (me) of questionable ability, the photographs hereupon presented are woefully inadequate in that they fail to accurately portray either the purity or the clarity of Sarah's flawless complexion.

Condition: Like New Price: $59.00 USD

Specifications: 1

Quantity Available:
  • One
Date of Creation:
  • Unknown
  • Collectible Memories
  • China
  • 17 1/2 inches (Inclusive of Display Stand)
Diameter at Widest Point:
  • 9 1/2 inches (Inclusive of Clothing and Accessories)
Depth at Widest Point:
  • 5 inches (Inclusive of Clothing and Accessories)
Diameter of Display Stand Base:
  • 4 1/2 inches
  • Genuine Bisque Porcelain
  • 1 lb. 7.2 ozs. (Inclusive of Display Stand)
  • Complimentary when shipped to a destination within the USA
  • The photographic representations of "Sarah, a Collectible Memories Genuine Porcelain Doll," which are displayed in various locations throughout this site, were effected by means of a FujiFilm FinePix 2800 Zoom digital camera with a resolution setting of 640 x 480 pixels. Although we craved and, therefore, experimented with higher resolutions, the resulting page load times proved insufferable to all but the most resolute of our visitors.
  • 1We have, to the utmost of our abilities, endeavored to ensure that all descriptions, depictions, representations, and measurements are honest, accurate, and unabridged. Utilizing fully the resources and equipment available to us, extensive and exhaustive research has been conducted on each object listed. While we cannot guarantee that absolute precision has been attained, we certify, with neither hesitation nor reservation, that our very best efforts have been expended in an attempt to realize this paradigm.


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