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FreeForm Fitness Center

FreeForm Fitness Center

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FreeForm Fitness Center

Selecting the best form of exercise to achieve your personal goals is extremely important. You've seen the alternatives. Combination benches and free weights are fine for starters. Rubber band and cylinder powered machines serve a purpose for a short while. And, of course, there's always the option of traveling to crowded, expensive health clubs where wait training goes hand in hand with weight training.

“We didn't invent the exercises.
We only perfected them.”

Finally there's a machine worth the investment. FreeForm. A superior system that will never become obsolete. With FreeForm you'll reach your goals faster, easier, and safer than any other form of training. FreeForm is the one machine you'll never outgrow.

Whether you use FreeForm to strengthen your body, to build a well developed muscular appearance, or just to tone up a few times each week, you'll have the confidence of knowing that you have the best possible machine for the job.

Time spent on FreeForm is quality time. Thanks to its revolutionary design, all exercises are performed using state-of-the-art form. You can workout in complete safety, as hard and as long as you'd like. With only seconds of set-up time between exercises, no cumbersome attachments, and no free weight hassles, you'll enjoy incredible workouts and save hours of valuable time and energy.

The choice is as simple as the system itself. Why waste your time when you could be using it effectively? That's why you'll find FreeForm makes perfect sense.

FreeForm Fitness Center

Unequaled Performance!
Unparalleled Design & Construction!
Uncompromised Safety!

“If you are seeking the ideal workout platform, your search is over!”

With ten years of bodybuilding experience and in hot pursuit of the coveted Mr. New Jersey crown, James A. Deola found himself increasingly frustrated by and disappointed with the existing state of fitness equipment and training facilities.

Free weights, while providing an excellent workout for specifically targeted muscles and muscle groups, demanded that a spotter be present in order to lift heavy weights to failure and to avoid potentially serious injury.

Selectorized machines, although safer than free weights, lacked the flexibility and adaptability essential to body sculpting and individual muscle targeting. They were, at best, an unyielding and unsatisfying compromise that bedeviled and tormented the dedicated bodybuilder.

Fitness centers and gyms were expensive, typically overcrowded & noisy—which made an ideal workout all but impossible, and were somewhat lacking in rudimentary sanitation.

A degree in Mechanical Engineering coupled with extensive bodybuilding experience, enabled Mr. Deola to do that which he had long yearned to do—design and construct the perfect self-contained fitness center. Thus was born the FreeForm—a most singular innovation in that it incorporates the myriad advantages associated with free weights and the safety of selectorized machines without the inherent drawbacks of either; a completely self-contained workout platform constructed to withstand the rigors of professional and commercial use, yet designed to meet the specific requirements of the individual.

Although designed by and for the serious bodybuilder, FreeForm's simplicity, flexibility, and advanced safety features welcome not only the advanced lifter, but the novice as well. From just toning up a few times a week to building a body suitable for competition, FreeForm is ideally suited for the entire family. Combining the unequivocal advantages of a free weight workout with the ease of use associated with a selectorized machine, men, women, and children, utilizing a single FreeForm, can now individually tailor and customize their workouts and achieve their specific fitness goals without the danger of falling free weights.

Aah, you ask, but does it work? Using the FreeForm exclusively, James A. Deola was crowned Mr. New Jersey.

What sets the FreeForm apart?

FreeForm — “Dreams Can Come True!”

*FreeForm is a completely self-contained fitness center incorporated within an 8'x 8' workout area.

FreeForm Fitness Center

*All exercises may be executed utilizing state-of-the-art form with no need to compromise safety. For example, leg curls and bench presses are implemented from a prone position vice standing or sitting. Standing squats can be performed using various leg widths making FreeForm the most intense single leg development machine on the market.

*FreeForm offers customized workout routines for beginners thru professionals. FreeForm is the one machine you will never outgrow.

*Over 100 exercises can be performed on FreeForm at a single station.

*No cumbersome attachments or freeweights are required, which translates into mere seconds of setup time between exercises.

*Unlimited weight capacity allows even power lifters to train to failure.

*Full range of motion on all exercises and unlimited exercise start positions make FreeForm extremely comfortable for people of all shapes, sizes, and strengths.

Advanced Design Features

“No Rubber Bands to Stretch or Break!”

1. Carriage Safety System — FreeForm's dual carriage safety system provides fluid, frictionless barbell guidance during difficult and, previously dangerous, exercises. High intensity workouts can now be performed without the risk of falling weights by simply adjusting the carriage height via the carriage locating pins.

2. Weight Stack Versatility — FreeForm's patented telescoping single weight stack lift system provides unlimited exercise start positions, thereby assuring full range of motion as well as superior form and control throughout each exercise. Conveniently located spotting bars facilitate partner assisted forced and negative repetitions, while furnishing access points for additional free weights, thereby increasing the maximum weight capacity of the machine.

3. Auto-Incline Bench — The bench smoothly inclines to (6) different positions enabling the user to precisely focus attention on or target specific muscles and/or muscle groups, while the quick-connect leg extension/leg curl bench attachment minimizes the transition time between exercises. Finally, the bench is designed to easily pivot from the platform when the user wishes to perform standing exercises, such as squats, cable crossovers, and curls.

4. Cambered bar — The unique cambered bar affords the best possible stretch, body positioning, and comfort for exercises such as bench presses and squats. The cambered bar, when placed in its upper retainer, is also ideally positioned for wide grip chin ups and hanging leg raises.

5. Durability — Heavy duty sheet metal construction and superior quality, commercial grade components provide unlimited years of trouble-free workouts. Heavy duty 2000 lb. nylon coated aircraft cable and large diameter ball bearing pulleys are utilized for maximum life expectancy. Top quality Naugahyde upholstery, firm padding, and a durable carpeted workout platform will withstand years of continuous use.

6. Simplicity — All exercises are performed at a single station without cumbersome attachments. FreeForm's durable, carpeted workout platform is perfect for all seated, kneeling and standing exercises.

Explore Further the Wondrous FreeForm

FreeForm — “The Dream Machine for Competitive Bodybuilder and Novice alike!”

By following the sweat stained links which follow, you are cordially invited to delve deeper into the one-of-a-kind FreeForm, and learn why it is the only fitness machine that you will never outgrow.

Operational Procedures
Training Principles
Safety Protocols

Arms & Abdominals Illustrations
Legs & Shoulders Illustrations
Chest & Back Illustrations


FreeForm's innovative design, superior construction, integral safety features, and ease of use and versatility in conjunction with with its quick, simple setup and rapid exercise transition characteristics assure its faithful owner an unparalleled full body workout and muscle stimulation which surpasses that of any other fitness center to which I have been exposed.

Consequently, less time spent on FreeForm will yield faster and substantially better results than any other form of training. Now a novice can perform state-of-the-art muscle building and toning exercises less the limitations, dangers, and subsequent frustrations imposed by a poorly conceived and, oft, poorly manufactured piece of fitness equipment, while the avid fitness buff or competitive bodybuilder will discover a self-contained workout platform with which he or she will neither become bored nor outgrow; a machine that does not require a spotter and— unlike the multi-station platforms that require an additional two to four feet of peripheral floor space— does not require the user to leave the platform in order to execute an exercise.

In Conclusion:

Having long employed and enjoyed free weight workouts, yet ever cognizant of their inherent dangers, I found myself, while attending a Trade Show in Chicago, in a virtual state of euphoria upon discovering and utilizing the most singular FreeForm. Surrounded by cookie cutter machines, many of which incorporated rubber bands as their resistance medium, of questionable quality and dubious worth, towered —a giant among children— FreeForm. Mr. James Deola, reigning Mr. New Jersey, who, frustrated and disillusioned by the current state of fitness equipment, had invented FreeForm to serve as his personal training platform, was, indeed, gracious in that he gladly guided me through a grueling FreeForm workout. Immediately impressed by FreeForm's innovative design, heavy duty, commercial grade construction, and inherent safety features, I knew, without any doubt or reservations whatsoever, that I had discovered the ultimate fitness center.


The FreeForm, which, I must confess, I am ambivalent about making available, was purchased new (directly from James Design Co., Inc.), but never used. Unfortunately, the lead times were long which permitted Fibromyalgia to arrive several weeks earlier than the FreeForm; thus, shattered dreams and disappointment. Although my body has suffered the debilitating effects of this dread disease, the FreeForm remains in the selfsame pristine condition in which it arrived.

Should you have any questions, and/or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please review the Safety Protocols.

Price and Delivery:

While I crave the opportunity to present you an impressive cost comparison between FreeForm and comparable fitness equipment, extensive research precludes the possibility of such a commendable and honorable endeavor, for, you see, I am unable to locate a single comparable machine or piece of equipment.

I, therefore, invite you to conduct a most conscientious investigation and cost vs. performance analysis of the various fitness equipment types, selectorized machines, required attachments and accessories, and free weights necessary to yield a workout approximating that of FreeForm. Upon the completion of your evaluation, I doubt not that you will conclude that the singularly unique FreeForm is a bargain at twice the price.

Regrettably, as a result of its size and weight, we are unable to ship this particular item. It will, therefore, be necessary for the buyer to make arrangements to pickup the FreeForm.

spacer Condition: Like New (Unused) Our Price: $1,995.00
spacer Retail Price: $2,995.00 Discount: 33.4% Savings: $1,000.00
spacer Availability: In Stock Shipping: Buyer Pickup Quantity: One


Specifications: 1

Quantity Available:
  • One
Part Number:
  • FreeForm
Manufactured by:
  • James Design Co., Inc., Millville, NJ 08332
  • USA
  • Heavy duty sheet metal and square tubing construction as well as superior quality commercial grade components provide unlimited years of trouble-free workouts. Designed for continuous service in health clubs and, of course, private home use.
Guide Carriages:
  • The carriage system utilizes four sealed ball bearing aluminum pulleys on each carriage, ensuring frictionless guidance in all directions.
  • All pulleys incorporate sealed ball bearings to ensure frictionless rotation. Large diameter pulleys provide maximum cable life and smooth operation. Upper pulleys — 6" diameter. Lower and bench pulleys — 4.5" diameter. Carriage pulleys — 2" diameter (4 per carriage).
  • Heavy duty, 2000 lb. capacity, 1/8" diameter, nylon coated aircraft cable provides maximum longevity, reliability, and safety.
  • Top quality durable Naugahyde upholstery in conjunction with firm padding.
  • Meduim blue, high quality, textured finish, with black upholstery, rollers and platform covering.
Weight Stack:
  • 200 lbs., adjustable by 10 lb. increments. Each plate contains bushings that assure smooth, quiet operation. One inch diameter guide rods are standard. Weight stack spotting bars for additional weight capacity; ideal for forced and negative repetition assistance.
  • FreeForm's unique cambered barbell, cambered, 1 1/8" diameter, 20" chrome curl bar, chrome "D" handles, calf raise/low row attachment, and the FreeForm Dip Station. The FreeForm Workout Wall Chart for quick, easy reference while working out—especially during the initial stages of your training routine. The chart includes twenty key exercise descriptions and brief reminders of the training principles, machine setup, and safety.
  • Platform: 4' x 6.5'. Total workout space: approximately 8' x 8'.
  • 7' 5"
  • Approximately 800 lbs.
  • Buyer must arrange for pick up or delivery
  • The photographic representations of the "FreeForm Fitness Center," which are displayed in various locations throughout this site, were graciously provided by the James Design Co., Inc. of Millville, New Jersey.
  • 1We have, to the utmost of our abilities, endeavored to ensure that all descriptions, depictions, representations, and measurements are honest, accurate, and unabridged. Utilizing fully the resources and equipment available to us, extensive and exhaustive research has been conducted on each object listed. While we cannot guarantee that absolute precision has been attained, we certify, with neither hesitation nor reservation, that our very best efforts have been expended in an attempt to realize this paradigm.


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