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“His passion captivated a woman. His courage inspired a nation. His heart defied a king.”

Mel Gibson stars on both sides of the camera, playing the lead role plus directing and producing this brawling, richly-detailed saga of fierce combat, tender love and the will to risk all that's precious for something more precious: freedom.

In an emotionally charged performance, Gibson is William Wallace, a bold Scotsman who used the steel of his blade and the fire of his intellect to rally his countrymen to liberation. Filled with sword-clanging spectacle, Braveheart is a tumultuous tapestry of history come alive “the most sumptuous and involving historical epic since Lawrence of Arabia” (Rod Lurie, Los Angeles Magazine).

“Every man dies, not every man really lives.”
—Front Cover of Case



“A vastly entertaining and powerful film.”
—Christopher Null, FILMCRITIC.COM

“While the violence is raw, so are the emotions.”
—Michael Dequina, MR. BROWN'S MOVIES

“One of the most spectacular entertainments in years. An exhilarating, new-fashioned epic.”
—Caryn James, The New York Times

“The most sumptuous and involving historical epic since Lawrence of Arabia.”
—Rod Lurie, Los Angeles Magazine

“With its clashing armies, heartstopping action, and grand sense of romance, this is the sort of film it's a pleasure to see and review.”
—James Berardinelli, REELVIEWS

“An action epic with the spirit of the Hollywood swordplay classics and the grungy ferocity of The Road Warrior.”

“Excellent battle scenes complement this historical epic about one man's quest to free his people.”
—Madeleine Williams, CINEMATTER


 Personal Observations:

“It is not so much truth as public perception and ideology that pen the eulogies of men and compose the histories of nations.”
      —Jerry D. Babb

Nominated for eleven Academy Awards and recipient of five Oscars, Braveheart is Mel Gibson's grand and glorious homage to Sir William Wallace— a Scotsman who died that he and his kinsmen might live free.

Inasmuch as extant records and writings make known precious little of Wallace's life which may be unequivocally accepted as indisputable fact (the year of his birth, his lineage, as well as lengthy spans of his brief time upon this earth remain shrouded in darkness and controversy), Braveheart is, in veracity, a construct of scant historical data, myth, and legend.

Lest one leaps to the ill-conceived assumption that the aforenoted is a sweeping indictment of Gibson's redoubtable endeavor rather than an elucidation, one will, perhaps, be well served to recall that the William Wallace of Braveheart lived in thirteenth century Scotland where but meager remnants of his life were recorded. This undeniable reality, when taken in conjunction with the empirical evidence that the most well-intentioned historian and/or biographer is subject to the selfsame inherent biases, romanticisms, and personally or politically motivated slants, bents, and agendas to which each of us, to a greater or lesser degree, is oft beset; that no two biographers or historians appear able, or, perchance, willing, to reach a consensus regarding even the generously well-documentated lives of twentieth century men and women; may well exemplify the difficulties that the most dedicated, determined, and erudite of scholars must confront in breathing life into a man, irrespective of his perceived greatness, over seven centuries dust.

There exist those of us who literally ache for the truth of all things and deeply bemoan the paucity of verifiable documentation required to bring light into the darkness. Our minds are filled to overflowing with innumerable questions—questions for which speculation, hypothesis, and theory will not suffice, much less satisfy. We inspect, then re-inspect, fields long picked clean in search of an overlooked morsel. While in our hearts we know that we shall never know, we, nevertheless, ever seek and ever hope for a new discovery.

Who, in verity, was William Wallace? We may know of him only through his bravery, his self-sacrifice, his great deeds, his death, and the position of honor he occupies in the hearts of his countrymen. Therefore, we extend to Mel Gibson and Randall Wallace our sincere appreciation for making known to us the shadow, for we cannot know the man.

“If there be no nobility of descent, all the more indispensable is it that there should be nobility of ascent, —a character in them that bear rule so fine and high and pure that as men come within the circle of its influence they involuntarily pay homage to that which is the one pre-eminent distinction, the royalty of virtue.”
       —Henry Codman Potter



New, unused, without stain or blemish, unsullied, untarnished, untouched by human hand. In other words, this edition of Braveheart remains free of environmental impurities in that it has never been abstracted from its shrinkwrap cocoon.


 Braveheart VHS Video Tape Information:

  • Title: Braveheart
  • Actor/Actress: Mel Gibson, James Robinson, Sean Lawlor
  • Executive Producer: Stephen McEveety
  • Produced by: Bruce Davey, Mel Gibson, Alan Ladd Jr.
  • Directed by: Mel Gibson
  • Story by: Randall Wallace
  • Sreenwriters: Randall Wallace
  • Original Music by: James Horner
  • Cinematography by: John Toll
  • Film Editing by: Steven Rosenblum
  • Casting by: Patsy Pollock
  • Production Design by: Thomas E. Sanders
  • Art Direction by: Ken Court, Nathan Crowley, John Lucas, Ned McLoughlin
  • Production by: Icon Productions/Ladd Company
  • Distributed by: Paramount Pictures
  • Runtime: Approximately 177M
  • Rating: R
  • Language: English
  • Color: Technicolor
  • Sound Mix: VHS Hi-Fi Stereo/Dolby Surround
  • Closed Captioned: Yes



  • Mel Gibson as William Wallace
  • James Robinson as Young William Wallace
  • Sean Lawlor as Malcolm Wallace
  • Sandy Nelson as John Wallace
  • James Cosmo as Campbell
  • Sean McGinley as MacClannough
  • Alan Tall as Elder Stewart
  • Andrew Weir as Young Hamish Campbell
  • Gerda Stevenson as Mother MacClannough
  • Brian Cox as Argyle Wallace
  • Mhairi Calvey as Young Murron MacClannough
  • Patrick McGoohan as Longshanks, King Edward I
  • Peter Hanly as Edward, Prince of Wales
  • Sophie Marceau as Princess Isabelle


 Special Features:

  • VHS Videocassette
  • NTSC
  • Annotated Factory Case
  • VHS Hi-Fi Stereo/Dolby Surround
  • Color
Condition: New Retail Price: $24.99 USD Our Price: $15.00 USD

Specifications: 1

Quantity Available:
  • One
  • Action, War, Drama
Date of Release:
  • 1995
  • Paramount Pictures
Case Height:
  • 7 1/2 inches
Case Width:
  • 4 1/8 inches
Case Depth:
  • 2 1/16 inch
  • NTSC Color
Media Type:
  • VHS Videocassette
  • 15.1 ozs.
  • $2.75 when shipped to a destination within the USA
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