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White Buck Publishing is a small Christian press exclusively dedicated to the publication, promulgation, promotion, and dissemination of those select works which, with accuracy, integrity, and purity, embody the essential truths and spirit of the word of God as are encompassed, embraced, and delineated within the pages of the Holy Scriptures, and, which are presented in such a manner as to edify, enlighten, and/or exhort the reader; those particular works that expound, illuminate, and, thereby, further the Gospel of Jesus Christ; minister to the children of God; offer hope, instruction, guidance, reproof, and direction to all who seek the Truth; and shine forth as a beacon midst the darkness for they who search that ‘narrow way of righteousness’ —‘the way of the Cross.’

Although not limited to a particular medium, i.e., print, electronic, audio, and/or visual, all works must, with clarity and precision, reflect the tenets of the Christian faith as set forth in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and which were further defined and elucidated by means of the Spirit-inspired New Testament Epistles.

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