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I Shall Pray For Thee

© 1999 Jerry D. Babb

I shall pray a prayer for you,
For 'tis a purpose just;
To He whose Word lights the way,
Toward all you seek, I trust.

I shall not pray thee riches,
For grow a mistress vile;
But that a darkened spirit,
May brighten at your smile.

I shall not pray thee long life,
For may no blessing be;
But that in ev'ry teardrop,
The Heart of God you see.

I shall not pray thee power,
Nor golden earthly throne;
But that thy path leads homeward,
With ne'er a step alone.

I shall not pray thee any thing,
Of this world's dearest charms;
But that when Death bids, “Slumber!”
You wake in Jesus' arms.

(From the book, The Crimson Thread, by Jerry D. Babb
© 2000 White Buck Publishing)

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Rose Bar

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