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Love's Bridge

© 1994 Jerry D. Babb

Spans ahead a gulf impassable,
Betwixt God and His creature, —man;
Fashioned by the sins of self and pride,
Barring passage to that Holy Land.

Now, there passed One who raised a bridge,
'Tis the only way across;
Forged of blood, tears, and love,
Of sufferings, sorrows, —a wooden Cross.

Kindly examine it if you will,
Draw nearer, indeed, you should;
Ah yes, 'tis but a humble structure,
Yet, atop Calvary, it once stood.

I know, I know, quite unimpressive,
“So very common,”you cry;
But friend, upon these homely beams,
God's Son was hung to die.

Come, search earnestly the features,
Those crimson stains which you see;
Are loving memorials everlasting,
Of a God who bled, for such as we.

No, no, this is the lone passage,
If reach the other side you must;
Hold tightly to that nail-scarred hand,
And, in Christ alone, place all faith and trust.

This unadorned pattern upon which you gaze,
Was molded by a loving God's gentle hand;
'Tis by running toward those Unseen Arms,
That across Love's Bridge you may stand.

Yes, 'tis a forbidding chasm,
'Twixt Earth and Heaven above;
But Mercy built a bridge
And bids you, “Cross,” with Love.

(From the book, A Love Eternal, by Jerry D. Babb
© 1996 White Buck Publishing)

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