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Blue Eyes

© 1994 Jerry D. Babb

Summer's golden rays betray their warmth,
All luster is drained, from a blood-red sun;
Mist's faded sea beclouds the skies,
Life's love lies cold, —unraveled and undone.

My rememberings are e'er of you,
That season which God blessed, we two to share;
Blue eyes that glistened, sparkled, and danced,
Aglow with kindness, compassion, and care.

There are moments when seems but a dream,
That together we can no longer be;
For empty rooms e'er whisper your name,
While in my tears, your reflection I see.

No, Springs and Summers are not as warm,
As those I recall, too fleetingly spent;
For the Good Shepherd has called home one,
Who, to this lamb, was so lovingly lent.

Solitary flow my nights and days,
In this world of sense, —made to walk alone;
Yet in my heart dwells a Mighty King,
Who with mercy reigns, from Calvary's Throne.

Soon the servant shall join the Master,
To taste only love, through eternity;
I will know that 'tis truly Heaven,
When Jesus' smile, and your blue eyes I see.

(From the book, A Love Eternal, by Jerry D. Babb
© 1996 White Buck Publishing)

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