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A Foolish Child

© 1994 Jerry D. Babb


To many —a most pitiable creature,
To others —a foolish child;
For so rare, a truly humble soul,
With spirit, meek and mild.

Neither strength nor resources
Of her own; a fragile, tender reed;
Yet 'twas she, whom folks besought,
When struck by affliction's need.

E'er spreading hope and love,
That God's truths they might uncover;
E'er radiating Mercy's grace,
That God's Son they might discover.

A life borne of Love's pure heart,
Echoed in each word and deed;
Where'er she placed her foot,
Was sowed the Master's seed.

Of wealth, not much to offer,
Of the world, so little to give;
Yet a heart filled with Jesus,
In Whom she sought to live.

She now walks aside her Savior;
One earthly visit, to history compiled;
This world e'er shall mourn the loss,
Of an angel once thought, a foolish child.

(From the book, A Love Eternal, by Jerry D. Babb
© 1996 White Buck Publishing)

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“A Foolish Child is lovingly dedicated to the memory of a devout and devoted child of God, Mother Teresa (1910-1997), whose heart beat with the love of God and whose life is a testament to and embodiment of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A caring heart and compassionate soul coupled with an unconditional love for and acceptance of her neighbor (her neighbor being all mankind) brought to bear upon this world, if only for a moment, the tender smile of our Heavenly Father. The world has become a colder, darker, and sadder place since He called His angel home.”

Mother Teresa

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