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Love's Spirit

© 1995 Jerry D. Babb

Caged within bars of clay,
Love's spirit yearns to soar;
Flee bonds of flesh and blood,
Wing through Heaven's door.

Escape the veil of darkness,
Where shadow's dreams delight;
Pierce Mercy's tender Heart,
Draw nearer His pure Light.

Splinter chains of terror forged,
Cast off corruption's evil stain;
Tread that Holy Ground aside
His Love, His Presence, His Name.

Caged within bars of clay,
A soul strives to fly;
Frolic amidst ethereal mists,
No regrets, needless--good-bye.

Truths, by new vision stirred,
A cut stone shivers, atop cold ground;
A spirit awash in serenity,
No longer to, this earth bound.

No mortal views the exodus,
Afore the cock e'er crows;
Death's icy fingers strain and reach,
Yet Love's spirit, heavenward flows.

A heart rages in agony,
Love's tendrils stretched and torn;
Furrows crease beleaguered flesh,
Eyes tearless and forlorn.

Blinded by the darkest night,
Sight fogged by mourning's mist;
Speech melts into nothingness,
Lips ache to be kissed.

A soul stretches toward eternity,
Love's missing member to grasp;
Follows closely a broken heart,
Love's unseen hand to clasp.

Teardrops breach an earthen dam,
Torrents pitch and tumble;
Winding to that endless sea,
Where life's illusions crumble.

Courses twist and turn,
Sin and self mar the trail;
One heart throbs and cries,
Love endures and will not fail.

Chaos prevails momentarily,
So many directions, likely to roam;
But love lost? inconceivable,
For True Love has, but One home.

Winged spirits float atop heaven's breath,
Sorrows tremble, ebb and flow;
Love set free of fleshly tomb,
Strolls timelessness, e'er to grow.

Echo a heart's cries unheeded,
Where mortal alone resides;
Yet thunder o'er hallowed ground,
Where True Love e'er abides.

Two hearts flutter intertwined,
Grace answers a lonely soul's scream;
Two loving hearts reunited,
Sail atop Love's Crystal Stream.

(From the book, A Love Eternal, by Jerry D. Babb
© 1996 White Buck Publishing)

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