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Loving Hands

© 1994 Jerry D. Babb

Having suffered the sorest trials,
Beheld loved ones fade and die;
Having trod the darkest valleys,
Beneath nature's winter sky;

Lord, I can never truly thank You,
For that life I was blessed to share;
A man of calmest love and strength,
In whose gentle hands You placed my care.

It hurt so when You called him home,
The loss chars and tarries still;
Now, better understood, some things,
While others, seems I ne'er will.

My heart sighs, “that we are but pilgrims,”
Too oft far-flung from kith and kin;
A gift of life that we might learn,
The bitter lessons of self and sin.

This flesh, a heavy burden is,
Affixed to this world of sense;
I yearn, oh Lord, for that blessed day,
When You will summon me hence.

There is, my God, anguish and distress,
Seems more than I can faithful bear;
But Your sweet voice ever reminds,
“It is in My hands was placed your care.”

(From the book, A Love Eternal, by Jerry D. Babb
© 1996 White Buck Publishing)

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